Services video

Spraybooth Technology Limited (STL) are Market leaders in Spray booth innovation and body shop facility design. A services video is a great way to increase enquiries and sales by showing what you do in high definition. Each online video works for you 24/7 worldwide maximising your sales effort.

Product video
Bedec Extra-Flex

This silent looping video is used Nationwide; in-store and at exhibitions, with the imagery and captions concisely promoting the product’s features and benefits. Deliberately formatted to attract the audience’s attention within seconds. Product videos offer fantastic value for money and as search engines give video priority over images, they’re great for your website’s SEO too. Product videos increase the amount of time customers spend on your website and the likelihood that they’ll convert from visitor to a purchaser.

Exhibition video

This video combines; audio, captions, video and interviews to explore just some of the compelling reasons why delegates should attend the Labvolution trade fair in Germany 2017. Video is a great way to promote your next exhibition. Fifty percent of online video is now watched on mobile devices, which is why we favour close-up shots and feature big details on screen.

Product video

Promoting the benefits of Labcraft interior lighting solutions for commercial vehicles as part of their wider range of innovative LED lighting solutions, via captions, still images and voice over. Product videos are a proven online sales tool. Not only do they showcase a product but they pre-empt and answer many of your customers’ questions. They have become one of the most important parts of the marketing mix when launching or promoting a product. Every second counts for busy consumers, who prefer to spend a few minutes watching a short, snappy video than trawling through pages of text.

Exhibition video
Labvolution Exhibition

Using audio, action shots and talking head interviews to provide highlights from the Labvolution exhibition. An exhibition video helps your brand stand out in crowded market and goes a long way to converting browsers into buyers.

Animated video

Providing a visual demonstration of global construction information providers, KHL’s tablet app exploring how to use the app and its features. Animation is a clear and novel way to show an Apps functionality without distraction.

Service video
Scutchers Mobile Bar

Promoting the features and benefits of Scutchers Mobile Bar through voice over, captions and video. Scutchers Mobile Bar is a high end service for parties, weddings, exhibitions and  more. The fully refridgerated bar offers spacious room for all eventualities.

Event video
World Of Technology And Science

Exploring what’s on offer at the World Of Technology And Science exhibition using video and talking head interviews. Promote your next event through online video.