Learn Video Production Online

Talk The Talk Video Production has put together a series of online training courses to help businesses and individuals to learn the fundamentals of professional video production techniques.

Course 1 – Purpose of video communication / storyboard / message

Equipment: Smartphone / DSLR / GoPro / professional

Course 2 – Shooting /Camera – techniques:

Composition, Rule of thirds, Examples. Pan tilt zoom, moving objects

Course 3 – Lighting, exposure, colour correction

Equipment: leds, red heads sunlight tungsten

Course 4 – Recording audio – audio mastering – eq, compression

Audio – Budget Dictaphones / Audio recorders / Lavalier / Radio / Boom

Course 5 – Shooting a talking head / interviews. Shooting live events / exhibitions

Shooting a product, A and B-roll

Course 6 – Editing, output, upload and promotion – software for PC – recommendations

Different video sizes for different media channels

Who is this course for?

Who is this course for?

Small business owners who want to learn how to create short videos to sell their products or services.

Course details: Six half hour sessions one produced each week, published on Friday night.
Price – 
£50 per person. (Session specifics subject to change)

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