High Definition Videos for your Business

At Talk The Talk TV we produce high definition corporate, promotional, training, events, conference and website videos that complement your company's branding and help promote your products on your website, the internet, through DVD and email, with the added bonus of boosting your website’s SEO and bringing more visitors to your site. 

You can count on great video production resulting in a great video product for your business with perfectly mixed CD quality sound, royalty free music of your choice, first class customer service and competitive pricing. 

1. Video makes visitors stay on your website. It provides a dynamic, interactive experience for visitors to your site and can be used for all of the above and more. Because video is engaging, visitors are encouraged to stay longer on a page, thereby increasing your business revenues.

2. Interactive videos makes it easier to increase your sales - Videos are able to get information to your visitors in a shorter time. Viewers don't need to read long texts or jump between pages, instead your visitors are provided with exactly the information you want to deliver to them. Video doesn't make the viewer passive though and just to make sure of that, your video can have clickable links to appropriate pages in your website or even to other videos giving better cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

3. Videos drive traffic to your website. Search engines now offer video as part of integrated search results. With proper SEO, videos can drive traffic,that might otherwise be directed elsewhere to your website. You can also put your video on your Facebook Page and send it out to your Twitter followers and bring more of the right sort of customers to your website. Erik Qualman rightly said 'It's not whether you do social media it's how well you do social media' and with video you can do it very well indeed.

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Online Video With Real Impact Video About Cereals 2012 Video About Rolls Royce
Video About iNeed Social Network Video About The Playaway Case Video About Old Buckenham Hall School
Motor Yacht Video In Mallorca Video About Web Design Company Video About Prime Appointments
Video About The Best Of Ipswich Video About The Helios Challenge Video About Autoinnovations

Here are some examples of how you can use video in your business.

  • Promotional and marketing videos
  • Event and Conference videos
  • Website video
  • Internal Company Communication videos
  • Recruitment videos
  • Video based emails
  • Client testimonials
  • Video demonstrations of products and equipment
  • Interactive DVD
  • Looping Reception Displays
  • Property Videos
  • Education Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Shop window videos